No Food, Just Writing!

The Nothing Plague

I’ve barely cooked this week. Sickness has descended upon our house to the point that I’ve wondered if we should hire someone to stand outside our front door, wave a bell and holler, “Unclean! UNCLEAN!” in dramatic plague fashion.

I haven’t checked emails, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram or any other The Imperfect Kitchen social media staple all week. I haven’t pick up my camera and I haven’t written a publishable word. Until tonight, I didn’t even know that the lovely Oak Tree Lane had awarded me a Liebster Award — yippee!

Basically, I’ve got nothing to publish and I feel guilty. Ridiculous — because nothing bad’s going to happen in anyone’s life if I publish tomorrow instead of today.

So that’s it for tonight I’m afraid. My two year old’s currently yelling to be let into my bedroom, where I’m hunched on my bed typing frantically and furtively, wishing I didn’t have to deal with any more sick people (I seemed to miss all of Florence Nightingale’s DNA); so who knows what’s going to happen next?

Wish all those around me luck and I may see you tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “The Nothing Plague

  1. You know what? Nothing bad will happen if you don’t post tomorrow either. Those who love your blog will be grateful for the next post, whenever that might be. Please, please, please put your health first and allow your body to heal xxx


    • Good point lovely Jane, I’ll try and remain mindful of my body’s messages tomorrow – thank you for the reminder. I certainly seem to be taking a while to shake the exhaustion this time round, but that may also be my toddler’s eternally energetic state getting in the way of complete rest! Looking forward to a catch up soon. xx


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